The me that God puts up with!

I don’t know if you are like me, but when I get up in the morning and go to a fast food restaurant for breakfast I have certain expectations from those who will take my order. For instance, I expect that in a fast food restaurant it would be fast. Unfortunately, in my hurried pace to get about my day I stumbled into a fast food restaurant that was not fast.

I walked into the restaurant and immediately realized their was a problem. The line was longer then normal, patrons standing in line seemed frustrated and inpatient. I scanned to the front of the line and I noticed a young man who was clearly new and in the midst of being trained in the fire of the morning rush crowd. His voice broke as he asked people to repeat their orders, his hands shook as he counted out the wrong change, and he about past out when he inadvertently shut down the cash register causing the manager to have to stop what she was doing and come to his rescue. Unfortunately for this young newly employed kid and unfortunately for me and my growling stomach this scenario was repeated numerous times before it was finally my turn to have a front row seat at this horror film that seemed to be called, “His First Day!” I thought my order was easy, I kept it simple. Unfortunately this young kid enjoyed making simple things complex. When it was finally time to pay I pulled out my ATM card and was surprised when I was given the wrong change back (I will let you figure this out on your own).

As I stood off to the side waiting for my coffee and eventually breakfast I watched this young newly employed kid struggle with what to do now that he had no one standing in line. He tried to help get the coffee and was in the way, he tried to help with the hash browns and made a mess, he tried to put an order in a bag and got it wrong. HIs coworkers and his boss all had a look on their face like, “What are you thinking?” I tried to show my sympathy for the kid when I said to the manager, “Well at least he is nice, and seems eager to learn. Being new is always hard at first.” I was really surprised when the manger told me, “He isn’t knew, he has been here for awhile. We don’t’ know what to do with him. We are simply putting up with him because he is nice!” It was this moment that I had my profound understanding of the day.

I am not special, I am not needed, I am actually in the way most of the time, and God simply puts up with me until I get it. In Fact, God so loves me that he puts up with a lot when it comes to me and especially when it comes to who I think I am. I am not perfect, I am not the one that has every thing together. In Fact, I came into this world empty handed and I will leave this world empty handed. All I have, who I am, and who I am becoming comes from God.

The next time you and me get a picture of ourselves as capable and as bigger, better, and brighter then we are we should stop and remember that we are nothing more then this not so newly employed kid that cant do anything right that constantly gets in the way and God lovingly enjoys putting up with us!


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