The Next Chapter

I have found myself asking many new questions now that I am 32. Most of my questions revolve around my future direction and purpose for my life. I was sitting in one of my final classes in seminary when I came to a thought that haunts me… My life is almost at the half way point–Am I really living? This blog is about my next chapter of my life that I call—Life after Religion! I am risking everything to follow the dreams that God has placed in my heart!


3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. This is a nice format for public journaling. When I read your entry, I realized how old I am! đŸ™‚ Life After Religion…. yeah…it is pretty amazing to find that there is no life IN religion.
    By the way, there is also no halfway point while we are on this part of the journey..I mean, there IS…but we won’t know what that point is, you know?

    Also… you know that corporate trust game? the one where someone closes their eyes and falls backwards into the arms of their office buddies? Think of you doing that right now… you are falling backwards into the Arms of the only One who knows how to catch you…the only One Who can catch you. Life is all about that again and again and again until we no longer try to walk by ourselves on the path.

    • Thanks! I will be writing soon again… I just moved to southern california to plant a church and I spent four months in my version of Abrams “Haran”… I don’t know how Abram stayed so long when “haran” was a difficult and hard place to live. I checked out your blog and it looks pretty good. Have you read anything by Phyllis Tribble? She wrote a book that has changed how I think about preaching called, “Texts of Terror” which speaks towards the difficult chapters where women were being mistreated. Interesting point of view. She shares how God left those hard difficult stories in thier to show that he was their, he saw, and he cares… She also goes on to tell that when we preach about Tamar and others we are giving a voice to peoples silent nightmares and some may find health, healing, and wholeness just by the simple fact that we the church are speaking into their “secret shame” that nobody spoke for them!

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